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Primo Marinos is the quintessential ingredient to any rich coastal agricultural farm land. From the sea giveth life, and thus as our ancestors have for thousands of years Dazey's customers till their soil and enrich the lives of their plants through base back-to-the-land ingredients.

Primo Marinos is a derived from whole wild peruvian fish, and is a natural non-synthetic source for 18 L-Amino Acids. L-Amino Acids are an essential biosynthesis of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, 20 of which are essential to every plants growth. Contact Dazey's Supply Now!

Primo Marinos


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Primo Marinos is a naturally derived micronized fish fertilizer, prefect for large scale agriculture.

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Rich with L-Amino Acids, Primo Marinos delivers the oldest form of base agriculture to the natural farmer

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