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Primo Marinos Water Soluble Growth Stage Fish Fertilizer

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  Primo Marinos delivers water soluble nitrate nitrogen exactly how your plants wants; In the awesome and powerful form of L-Amino Acids. Essential for plant growth, naturally sourced and hydrolyzed amino acids are easily available for instant root uptake. Argine and Glutamine transfer amino groups, contibuting to the nitrogen cycle; while Glycine, Tryptophan, and Proline are both compatible solutes (small molecules that buffer cell damage against stressful biotic and abiotic conditions.)1

  Primo Marinos 13-1-1 fish fertilizer is raw food grade cold processed & sustainably harvested from nutrient rich waters of South America by local Artisanal fisherman fishing within 8 miles of the shore. Primo Marinos micronized fish hydrolysate is an excellent instant food source for beneficial bacteria & fungi. Most importantly it is a powerful natural nitrogen source in the form of essential L-amino acids aiding in plant growth, yield, & quality!

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Primo Marinos increases chlorophyll production from amino acids, which lead to the plant's most metabolically important pathway, photosynthesis.


1. The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cannabis sativa, For Growers and Gardeners

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