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Essential Organics Plus 1-0-1 Quart


2-10-10 - Mr B's Green Trees Granular Boost Bloom 40 lb

Essential Organics Plus 1-0-1

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Eliminate chemical rooting hormones and choose the safe alternative, Essential Plus. Ideal for ensuring seed germination and good rooting. When used at the time of transplant to the field.
Essential Plus will aide to eliminate transplant shock, and fortify root establishment.
Organic ingredients provide carbon matter as an important food source for beneficial soil microbes. The rich carbon content creates an environment suitable for beneficial microorganism growth, without the need for high risk products like molasses and other glucose products. Critical for highly fertilized soils, Essential Plus boasts capabilities ranging from reduction of soil alkalinity, to neutralize salts in high salt soils. Essential Plus retains nutrient ions from leaching through soils and holds them in a form readily available for plant uptake.
Essential Plus is rich in organic materials that have a high absorption and exchange capacity for nutrient cations. Humic acid will help mobilize phosphates that have been tied up in soils.
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Essential Organics Plus 1-0-1 Quart
Essential Organics Plus 1-0-1 Gallon
Essential Organics Plus 1-0-1 (2.5 Gallon)

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Essential Plus is a 100% natural organic product derived from potassium Humate, 21 natural L-amino acids, enzymes, simple & complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, cellulose, lignin, hydrolyzed organic proteins and a natural wetting agent. Each ingredient has been selected to provide a rich source of organic building blocks not found in typical nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) fertilizers.

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