We know a thing or two, because we've grown a thing or two.

With an enormous versatile stock of basic to advanced agricultural solutions, Dazey's Supply offers the highest quality product, at the most affordable prices.


As women homesteaders in Humboldt County, Symbys is intimately involved with the land, wilderness, and waterways that surround us.

Symbys created all of their nutrients & biologicals for discerning, economically minded growers. Symbys celebrates the relationship with the earth through the products they develop and bring to market. They respect the farmers that we are honored to work with, and love the land we all call home.

SYMBYS built in Humboldt County, by women for all growers.

Vital Earth’s

Vital Garden Supply began operating in 2006 by three family members with a strong commitment to providing superior quality organic farm, garden and landscaping products by only sourcing products that are natural and organic. All of their products are lab and field tested with a focus on Clean Green and CDFA organic certifications.

Clean, organic, safe and ecologically made products will always be Vital Garden Supply's mission. The reduction and elimination of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides makes Mother Earth a better place for all! Don’t Compromise, Vitalize!

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Fox Farm

FoxFarm was born and raised in Humboldt County in the early ’80s out of a desire to offer a different kind of product to it's customers.

The company grew out of the cultural movement of the ’70s that had us coming together as a people and a community.

Fox Farm is proud to provide amazing gardening products for Humboldt County, the nation, and the world.

Pacific Northwest Organics

The Pacific Northwest is known for making outstanding nutrients producing high yielding plants for agriculture and gardeners alike that is why their main ingredients are sourced locally. PNW Organics is not only passionate about making environmentally conscious products but they also use energy efficient processing through a micro hydroelectric system resulting in zero emissions. PNW also uses a gravity water powered mechanical mixer. All this is done to guarantee they stay true to their mission of making the very best products for plants, soil, people, and the earth.

pacific north west organics