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Liquid Ladybug

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  1. Liquid Ladybug Biopesticide

    Liquid Ladybug is lights-on safe, flower and fruit safe, and can be used daily from germination to harvest. Designed as a zero environmental impact pesticide; it is safe for people, pets and plants. Liquid Ladybug contains no harmful agents, Liquid Ladybug is 100% safe without any protective gear, unlike some other OMRI organic products which in some products, contain carcinogens. Liquid Ladybug destroys mite infestations by coating the mites "book lungs" with peppermint and geranium oils. Suffocating the mite in 3-5 minutes For best results re-apply before after 8 days to eliminate freshly hatched mites in their nymph stage before reaching egg-laying maturity.

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  2. Liquid Ladybug Biopesticide Concentrate

    Liquid Ladybug Biopesticide Concentrate
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2 Item(s)