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Eco Organics encompasses the mind, body, and spirit of Dazey's Supply and Humboldt County with environmentally friendly, mineral restorative, high value ethics.

Developed by Dr. August Dunning, My Grow Minerals delivers ionic trace minerals derived from Pacific ocean water, which undergo a unique desalination process to become the perfect source of micronutrients for any crop. As a unique genetic trigger, My Grow Minerals have been know to increase cannabinoid synthesis in glandular secreting trichomes like no other product on the market. It is because of these trace minerals plants are able to reach their full genetic potential for maximum harvest.

When not tending to his home garden and his relentless trials & research, Dr. Dunning can be found working as a consultant to NASA's Mars Soil Projects, writing for Hydrolife Magazine, or helping the Nicaraguan government in restoring their soil minerals value. Contact Dazey's Supply Now!

My Grow Minerals & Liquid Ladybugs


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Creator Dr. August Dunning is a NASA veteran, and a soil science expert!

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Restoring minerals in food crops across the world can restore our global health!

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