Welcome Chikamasa B500SR & B500SRF!

Harvesting History -from small town Japan to small town U.S.A.

One hundred years ago, in a small town in Osaka Japan, a 15 year old man came up with the idea to make a perfect pair of flower scissors. Who would have thought that the vision and tenacity of young Shojiro Wada would impact an entire explosive trimming industry that originated in another small town, Redway, in southern Humboldt County, California? One hundred years of endurance in ebbs and flows of economies and politics speaks volumes of any company and no less for CHIKAMASA. One of their many stellar attributes is that CHIKAMASA genuinely cares about their product quality and listens attentively to their customer’s needs. Hence the number of highly specialized scissors manufactured… from harvesting highly prized Japanese grapes to the highly prized, high end, cannabis industry.

Though currently created by specialized machinery, CHIKAMASA has gone to great lengths to ensure the spirit of young Mr. Shojiro Wada is re-created, by meticulously hand finishing each pair. Dazey’s Supply believes this is a big deal… and our customers do too. And true to form, when end users asked for a curved blade for the blockbuster B-500 series (which includes a fluorine coated stainless steel, slanted blade model that instantly became the “Trimmer’s Choice Award” winner ) …we listened and designed , and they created and perfected the first CHIKAMASA scissor specifically curved for bud shaping perfection! Dazey’s Supply and the U.S.A. welcomes the B-500SR… GRADE AAA, made from only the finest Japanese stainless steel that we have grown to have much respect, and the B-500SRF finished with a resin resistant fluorine coating.

These are definitely going to be “THE” trim scissor to have in your store! And that’s what’s up. We encourage you to check out all the amazing CHIKAMASA scissors Dazey’s Supply Wholesale has to offer your discerning customers. 1-800-329-3977 (1-800-DAZEYSS) or visit us at www.dazeys.com and fb of course! Thank you Domo arigato どうもありがとう