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Let’s be honest, unless you are personally growing your own weed, there is a high risk that toxic chemicals have contaminated your medical or recreational marijuana. High demand, little oversight, toxic fungicides, toxic miticides and greed create this situation. This is something that immediately needs to be addressed. Several states that have seen chronic marijuana users walking into emergency rooms with abdominal pain and intense vomiting. This condition has been labeled: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome; aka CHS. Hyperemesis means ‘prolonged vomiting.’ Syndrome means ‘a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.” Doctors have a theory that it is from regular long term use of marijuana.Read More
DAZEY’S SUPPLY of Redway, with the help of BSI /Menke , has become an 100% employee owned company by way of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).Read More
Dec 1, 2016 2:30:36 PM By Daniel Hendricks dazeys supply, employee owned, Comments Hot In Humboldt
Often ignored, CBG is the precursor for the cannabinolic compounds. In the trichome it is rapidly chemically transformed into THC, CBD and CBC. Once this precursor compound is created and moved into the secretory reservoir of the trichome the precursor it is never found in high concentrations in the finished weed. Interestingly this critical precursor has medical applications for treating glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and skin diseases. In fact, it is rarely found in the finished sativa or indica cannabis plants but it is found in high amounts in certain strains of industrial hemp that carry a genetic mutation that down regulates the production of CBD thereby encouraging the accumulation of CBG.Read More
Sep 28, 2016 10:40:30 AM By August Dunning my grow minerals, eco organics, , Comments Fertilizers & Nutrients Hot In Humboldt
Rheudo Pseudomonas Palustris, Bacillus Pumilus, and Bacillus Subtilis all boast the amazing qualities that qualify them to be called Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, or PGPR. Naturally occurring bacteria capture nitrogen from the atmosphere, convert phosphorous from the soil, and improve enzyme production. Learn how these bacteria will save water and increase your Cannabinoid content in a way fertilizer cannot.Read More
Chikamasa Federally Tested on Cannabis By Niosh Occupational Safety Inspectors. Professional Federal Cannabis Trimming Workplace.Read More
Quantum Growth Series is consortium of beneficial bacteria. Quantum Light is a photosynthetic biofertilizer, and Quantum HSC is a spore forming bio fertilizer. The Quantum Growth Series will increase yield, plant health, and decrease the need for fertilizers.Read More
Dazey’s Supply and the U.S.A. welcomes the B-500SR… GRADE AAA, made from only the finest Japanese stainless steel that we have grown to have much respect, and the B-500SRF finished with a resin resistant fluorine coating. These are definitely going to be “THE” trim scissor to have in your store! And that’s what’s up.Read More
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