DAZEY’S SUPPLY of Redway, with the help of BSI /Menke, has become an 100% employee owned company by way of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). For over 42 years the company has evolved by providing necessities to Southern Humboldt County, a growing rural community. From utilizing salvage logs for timber to scrounging for salvage glass and hardware, Steve Dazey found opportunity in supplying all the new back-to- the -landers inexpensive materials that they could afford to homestead with. As the community grew and diversified, so did Dazey's Supply. Needless to say, gardening went hand in hand with the homesteading lifestyle and thus gave birth to garden supplies being their primary sales, along with Honda Generators, quality wood and gas burning stoves, Milgard windows, Yamaha ATV’s and motorcycles. Currently, Dazey's Supply has grown into to a healthy diversified business complex complete with a Dazey’s Wholesale & Distribution Center which sells to over 250 stores throughout the US, Dazey’s Building Center which sells commercial & retail lumber as well as hardware and almost everything else, and a large 17 acre storage yard for soil, water tanks, concrete remesh, greenhouse materials, and anything else that can’t fit at the stores. “How we grow matters” has been Dazey’s slogan for a long time…. now , more than ever, the employees really do know how much they matter, because now they own the company!