A Humboldt County Original since 1974

Being in business for over 45 years is a testament to the creative resilience of the ever-evolving Dazey's Inc. Team.

Birthed in humble entrepreneurial beginnings and from the maverick spirit of Stephen Dazey in 1974, Dazey's Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent service and products to our customers, taking great care of our employees, as well as donating to local community causes. Our history has given us a healthy foundation from which we are growing.

We are an E.S.O.P!!

E.S.O.P. stands for Employee Stock Ownership plan, which is a employee benefit plan, similar in some ways to a profit-sharing plan. In an E.S.O.P., a company sets up a trust fund, into which it contributes shares that are distributed to employee accounts yearly.

Stephen Dazey | Founder

Dazey’s Inc. became an E.S.O.P in 2016 after Stephen Dazey altruistically decided to sell the company back to the employees. Stephen had started the company in 1974 selling glass, windows and lumber which he would bring up himself in his pickup truck from the Bay Area. As time went on, customers would ask him to bring in other items to sell, ranging from fireplaces to chicken manure. He continued to listen and tune in to the suggestions the community was asking for, and quickly, Dazey’s Supply grew to be the cornerstone that it is today. Stephen now lives happily retired in Southern Humboldt, still helping out others as a philanthropist.

stephan dazey portrait

Darren Tomasini | President & CEO

Dazey’s Inc. is run and operated by its Employees with the help and support of our President & CEO Darren Tomasini, who started working for the company in 2009. It is through Darren’s vision and perseverance that Dazey’s has grown into the organization it is today. Darren has an extensive background in sales and Home & Building materials, and his management experience coupled with Dazey’s entrepreneurial spirit goes unmatched.

Darren Tomasini portrait

An Employee-Owned E.S.O.P. since 2016 with multiple retail locations to serve you, we are committed to growing Our Team, Our Customer Service, and Our Community.

Our Team

We are an Employee-Owned Company with the ambition to grow, empower and supply our staff with the experience and tools they need to be successful.

Our Customer Service

Our Customer Service is unsurpassed in our stores, and we pride ourselves on making sure each customer feels acknowledged and serviced with the utmost care.

Our Community

Our Community makes us who we are, and at Dazey’s Supply, we hold our community in high esteem. We are passionate about our history and pledge to support our locality wherever we can.